Things You Didn’t Know About Property Valuers

properties to negotiate commercial property rents does that sound boring well it’s not it’s all about people about using my intuition and also keeping in touch with what’s going on with property I imagine you’ve probably not thought about the need to have commercial properties valued and torrents to be negotiated when they get out of date the fact is that shops offices warehouses and factories that you see incur towns and cities will all need to be professionally valued from time to time this is for a variety.

of reasons but the most common ones are usually sale or purchase for raising a mortgage calculating tax that they need to repaid or for a company’s accounts so that the company has an idea of the value ofits property most people don’t know the commercial property is held on leases rather than owned the occupier of the property pays the owner a market rent and from time House Valuation Melbourne to time the rent will need updating to the current market value and that’s where I come in and use my knowledge of values in the area and the terms of the lease to negotiate updated rents on behalf of both the occupier sand the landlords this involves reinspecting some pretty interesting.

Types property like really smart shopping centers prestigious office flops another commercial properties I am member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors one of the most respected professional bodies in netherworld job is a really good mix of being indoors in the office with my colleague sand being out and about inspecting buildings it’s great for getting you out and meeting other people in business and the other professions property is one of-the most important and expensive assets business ever has and so my role as inexpert valuer is important to the local economy the job has a really good sense of purpose.

in that way sometimes my valuations are challenged but explaining and defending them could actually be really interesting it’s a great career I’m off now I’ve got a value a car showroom and workshop I’m inspecting its part of a rent review and I’m really looking forward to seeing some.